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    What pieces of furniture need to be integrated into the design?

    How involved do you wish to be in this project?

    What type of feel are you looking to achieve in your new design?

    Is there a specific style you favor?

    Do you and your partner's style preferences agree?

    Have you ever hired an interior design before?

    Kitchen Remodel

    What do you think your kitchen needs?

    What do you like about your kitchen?

    What do you dislike about your kitchen?

    What are you looking for?

    If you checked an island, what will it be used for?

    What is your plan for your current cabinetry?

    What is your plan for your current counter tops?


    Do you plan to have:

    Are you replacing/adding appliances?

    If so, which ones?

    Your ventilation is:

    Will you be replacing your lighting?

    Will you replace your flooring?

    If so, what type of ?

    How many people cook in the kitchen?

    How do you use your kitchen?

    What type of eating area do you prefer?

    Will you need new plumbing Fixtures?

    Will you need new Cabinet hardware?

    Bathroom Remodel

    What do you think your Bathroom needs?

    What do you like about your bathroom?

    What do you dislike about your bathroom?

    Will you be removing walls to expand the space?

    Do you want raised or vaulted ceilings?

    What kind of feeling do you want in your new bathroom?

    How many people use this bathroom?

    Do children use this bathroom?

    Is there a family member with physical limitations?

    If so, describe?

    Will you be replacing your cabinets?

    Will you be replacing your bathroom fixtures?

    Do you want?

    What type of shower do you want to use?

    What should material do you want for your shower?

    Do you need a new toilet?

    What kind of storage will you need in your bathroom?

    Which additional heating feature would you like?

    What additional furniture do you want in your bathroom?

    Will your bathroom need new light fixtures?

    What type of flooring do you want to use for your bathroom?

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